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CaveShip v1.21
Created by Generation Stars - Last Updated: 2004-12-27
CaveShip Released: 2003-09-09
Genre: Arcade, Space
File size: 13.63 MB
License: Freeware

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Taking place deep in the caves of various space asteroids. Your duty is to try and get to the end of the caves!

Very fun game with unique rules, as you can see on a screenshot, you drive a space ship thru caves; your goal is to survive to the end and collect as much points you can. There is a gravity pull that makes it all little harder but more fun when you get into it.

Game comes with more then 20 levels. Each level has it's own Best Score, you can view the replay of the score by pressing 'R' key over selected level. You can even upload your top scores by pressing 'U' over selected map and check the scores here on the right!
You can make your own levels and send them to us!

  • 26 levels
  • Best Scores (for each level)
  • Level Importer (for new levels from our site or those by you)
  • Upload Scores
  • Replay for Best Scores
  • Easy game play
  • Addictive game play

    Source Code - Visual Basic: (2004-12-14)
    Download: CaveShip v1.20 [ 12 Kb ]
    You must extract it in a game folder,

    Level / Map Importer:
    With the game you get the Map Importer. You can make you own maps, send them to us and download new ones from our newsletters..

    How to make a new map:
    - Open your favorite Picture Editor
    - Create a new Bitmap picture
    - Height, must be 200 pixels
    - Width, anywhere from 1000 to 30000 pixels
    - Draw a level using your pencil or some other tool but do not use blur
    effects (Ship in the game can fly only thru pure black color)
    - Save it (do not use any compression) in "Maps" folder
    - Run "Import Map.exe" in game folder, select your new file in it, give
    a name for your map and click IMPORT
    - Exit the program, run the game and press ENTER over your map! Enjoy..

    Send us your maps!
    email: contact @ subject: CaveShip Map

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    Top Scores
    #1 Happy'n'Hell
    Name: noone
    Score: 18

    #2 Caves
    Name: noone
    Score: 50

    #3 Hot Cave
    Name: buahahahaha
    Score: 3050

    #4 From Heaven to Hell
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1811

    #5 Strange New World
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1310

    #6 Smooth
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 301

    #7 Not good at all
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 317

    #8 Break Thru
    Name: SL
    Score: 484

    #9 Up and Down
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 651

    #10 Wacky Lands
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 682

    #11 Credits
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 313

    #12 J.B. - Nuclear Zone
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1002

    #13 J.B. - Ocean
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1118

    #14 J.B. - Worm's house
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1023

    #15 J.B. - Rush hour
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1372

    #16 D.V. - Neron
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1264

    #17 D.V. - Road 19
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1245

    #18 D.V. - Road
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1304

    #19 Ownership
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1756

    #20 Marihuana heaven
    Name: catie!
    Score: 343

    #21 Super Cars
    Name: catie
    Score: 839

    #22 Mercury - Cavern
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1584

    #23 Elliot - Random
    Name: catie
    Score: 1211

    #24 Kill
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1762

    #25 GS - Travel to Hell
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 1733

    #26 R.L. - Eternity
    Name: Laky L
    Score: 3009

    Number of uploads: 663

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